Ulei parfumat pentru lumanari  Spicy Love
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Scented oil for candles Spicy Love

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Scent for candles - Spicy Love perfume/ Amber & oriental spices

A strong feminine fragrance with amber, oriental spices and orange blossom.

Perfume specially created for vegan candles from vegetable wax ( soy wax , palm wax , coconut wax ) and soaps, phthalate-free and paraben-free. The perfume has an evaporation point of 61 degrees Celsius and is recommended to be used in a percentage of 2%-6% of the wax volume.

Solubility: Complete in alcohol, limited in water. It can be used in perfume diffusers if it is diluted in 10%-20% alcohol.

Produced in the European Union, respecting all the rules in force. Fragrance with IFRA certification for candles