Warranty Policy

All products sold by LEMO FUN benefit from a guarantee or, as the case may be, the provisions of the expiry date provided for in the republished OG 21/1992 on consumer protection are applicable. The application of the guarantee starts from the day the product is delivered to the CUSTOMER, and the period of time during which this guarantee is applied may vary, depending on the type of product.

According to Law no. 449/2003 and OG 21/1992 on consumer protection regarding the sale of products and their associated guarantees, the following definitions are relevant and applicable to the products sold on the LEMO FUN website:

commercial guarantee - any commitment assumed by the seller towards the consumer, without the request of additional costs, to refund the price paid by the consumer, to repair or replace the purchased product, if it does not correspond to the conditions stated in the declarations regarding the guarantee or in related advertising;

the legal guarantee of conformity - the legal protection of the consumer resulting from the effect of the law in relation to the lack of conformity, representing the legal obligation of the seller towards the consumer to, without the request of additional costs, bring the product into conformity, including the return of the price paid by the consumer, the repair or replacement of the product, if it does not correspond to the conditions stated in the warranty statements or in the related advertising;

use-by date for food products - the time limit/date established by the manufacturer until which products that from a microbiological point of view have a high degree of perishability and are likely to present an immediate danger to the health of their consumers after a short time retain the specific characteristics, if the conditions of transport, handling, storage and preservation have been respected.

1. General specifications
1.1. Food (edible) goods, such as sweets, alcoholic beverages, food products used for cooking, etc., are guaranteed products until the expiry of the validity period (expiry date) written on the product packaging, on the label or on some products, in the accompanying documents. If the expiry date is not mentioned on the packaging, please contact LEMO FUN in order to return the product, before unsealing it (opening it from the original packaging). Also, please consider that some products are perishable if stored improperly, so the validity of the products is also determined by the storage conditions.
1.2. Perfumes, cosmetics and skin care products - these products are guaranteed until the expiration date written on the product packaging. If the expiration date is not mentioned on the packaging, it is considered that the product has a validity of 24 months from the date of first use.
1.3. Please note that food and cosmetic products cannot be returned after they have been unsealed or the original packaging has been removed, with the exceptions shown in https://candlesupply.eu/pages/politica-de-retur.

2. Accessory products
In the case of accessory products for teas or alcoholic beverages, LEMO FUN offers a 2-year guarantee if the instructions for use and maintenance below and those on the individual label attached to each product are followed and only to the extent that the manufacturer has not offered a lower guarantee than that granted by LEMO FUN, in which case the guarantee term will be reduced according to the guarantee period granted by the manufacturer.

The guarantee can only be applied if, at the time of returning the product, the CUSTOMER has and presents all the documents and items that accompanied the product on delivery (certificate of authenticity, instruction manual, labels attached to the product intact, sales invoice and/or any other document with legal or commercial value, which was/were included in the package at the time of delivery).

In order to benefit from the guarantee, the CUSTOMER must notify LEMO FUN, in writing, of any damage/non-functionality or non-conformity of the product, at the moment the latter became aware of the said defect.

3. Warranty request procedure

The recommended procedure for accessing the warranty is as follows:
- The customer notifies the company in writing, with reference to the condition of the purchased product, for which the application of the guarantee is requested;
- after receiving the returned product, the company and the CLIENT may agree as an immediate remedial measure, the return by LEMO FUN of the amount paid for that product, if the CLIENT has paid in advance. If the parties do not expressly agree to this way of resolving the CUSTOMER's complaint, then LEMO FUN will apply the remedial measures provided for by law, as follows:
1. An attempt will be made to repair the product or bring it into compliance. If this remedy is not possible, the product will be replaced with an identical model, unless the parties agree otherwise and in any case, to the extent that there is stock available to replace the product;
2. The amount of money paid for that product will be returned within 14 days together with the delivery fee paid, if applicable, if none of the above remedial measures is possible;
3. No guarantee will be granted, following the fact that the claimed product will be returned to the CLIENT, if after checking the returned product, LEMO FUN considers that the claimed defect occurred as a result of incorrect handling of the product or as a result of the CLIENT not complying with the conditions of use and maintenance or return conditions. The parties can mutually agree on another way to resolve the situation.

4. Types of guarantee

LEMOFUN offers two types of warranty, as applicable:

a) commercial guarantee:
- applies if the CUSTOMER reports the non-conformity within the first 30 days from the moment he takes possession of the product and applies to non-food and cosmetic products that have not been unsealed;
- covers any lack of conformity between the product presented on the SITE and the product delivered to the CLIENT, in terms of the description, images and/or (technical) specifications mentioned on the SITE at the time of order registration;
b) the guarantee provided by law (applicable to products that do not have a duration - consumption limit or to products that do not have a validity period established by the manufacturer under the term of the legal guarantee :
- applies for a period of 24 months (2 years) starting from the day the product was delivered to the CUSTOMER, if the instructions for use and maintenance have been followed.

5. General conditions for granting the guarantee:

Do not remove the stickers stuck on the product packaging or other labels placed by the manufacturer or by LEMO FUN, or the documents attached to the delivered product! The absence of these inner labels automatically leads to the loss of any warranty or to the considerable diminution of the value of the product which will no longer be resold by LEMO FUN as "new".

Keep the invoice received upon delivery (it does not apply if the invoice is issued in electronic format CLIENT ACCOUNT) for sending it in the returned parcel in case of any quality complaints that can be addressed to the LEMO FUN company and to prove the purchase of the product from the SITE- LEMO FUN. This guarantee ensures all the rights conferred by the legislation in force (OG 34/2014, Law 449/2003, OG 21/1992, republished). The main way in which the CLIENT is provided with the guarantee is the replacement of the product depending on the availability of a similar product in the LEMO FUN stock or, otherwise, by the return by the company of the amounts paid by the CLIENT within a maximum of 14 days from the date of transmission in written notification regarding the lack of quality or the existence of a non-conformity situation and, respectively, the return of the claimed product. The applicable remedy may be determined by mutual agreement of the parties.

The composition as well as the icons with the instructions for use and maintenance of your product can be found on the product packaging or in the case of certain products (accessories) on the user manual inside the packaging.

These are specific to your product, it is mandatory to consult these instructions before using some of the products.

After delivery, check the existence and meaning of the icons on the packaging or the user manual of the product you ordered.

The name, model, product code, date of purchase, price and address can be found on the issued invoice. This is essential information that LEMO FUN needs to resolve any subsequent complaints.

Text with relevance exclusively for cosmetic products (body care products):
LEMO FUN guarantees that all the cosmetic products sold through this SITE comply with the standards provided by the European Directive 76/768/CEE on the appropriation of the legislation of the member states regarding cosmetic products. LEMOFUN guarantees that the products have been manufactured in accordance with hygiene, occupational safety and environmental regulations, based on the Certificate of Conformity or the Certificate of Origin received from its suppliers.

The warranty is provided after the defects of the claimed products are found after receiving the return, in accordance with the defects or lack of conformity indicated by you. For this it is necessary to return the product according to the Return Policy.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding LEMO FUN products, please contact us on the phone number 0784943113 (normal rate call in the Orange network), from Monday to Friday, between 09:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. :00 pm, or by email at info@shoplumanari.ro