1. The operator of personal data

The operator of personal data obtained from the company's clients or provided by them is:
LEMO FUN SRL Commercial Company
Reg. Com: J40/3094/2016
ID: RO35737049
WEBSITE: https://shoplumanari.ro, https://candlesupply.eu
You can contact us via:
E-mail: info@shoplumanari.ro
By phone: +4 0784 943 113

By mail:

Str. pe Deal 251, Crevedia Mica, Crevedia Mare, Giurgiu county, postal code 087061

Within this Policy, the Operator of personal data will be referred to as "LEMO FUN" or "the company".

2. General

The need to keep personal data varies depending on the type of data that is processed within the company. Some data can be deleted immediately, and others must be stored until such time as their future usefulness is no longer a possibility. There are cases where personal data is stored for a limited period of time, the storage terms being thus imposed by the legal regulations in force, applicable at the national level or at the level of the European Union.

In other cases, the storage terms must be established by each individual organization, depending on its activity, taking into account the data processing principles provided for in EU Regulation 679/2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to data processing of a personal nature and regarding the free movement of such data (known by the English acronym "GDPR"). As the company's determination of personal data processing and retention periods can be somewhat subjective, implementing a Retention Policy is important to ensure that company-wide data retention rules are consistently applied throughout organization.

In any case, the provisions of the GDPR and Law 190/2018 regarding measures to implement the General Data Protection Regulation will be respected by the company in the storage activities of the processed personal data.

3. Storage Policy

The scope of this Policy covers all company data, namely data stored in its IT systems, data provided by the company in the media, data rented or originating from collaborations and contractual partnerships, regardless of location (company headquarters or work point) in which these data are processed.

The retention policy within LEMO FUN is a tool that provides the guarantee that the requirements of the GDPR, the relevant laws and regulations in the field of personal data protection are respected. This Policy mainly refers to the principle of limiting the time retention of processed personal data and which involves storing them only for a period of time necessary for the purposes for which these data are processed. The retention (storage) policy of personal data is primarily intended as a resource favorable to the company's activity, which will allocate relevant retention periods in all areas of activity and departments of the company, allowing to carry out the activities of removal/deletion of personal data in a consistent and controlled manner.

4. Requests regarding the Retention (storage) Policy of personal data

This Policy is applicable to natural persons as CLIENTS of LEMO FUN, legal entities as CLIENTS, but also to representatives of our contractual partners, both as Personal Data Operators in relation to LEMO FUN or as Persons authorized by Operator, according to the General Data Protection Regulation.

We store and process personal data only in cases where you have voluntarily provided us with this data, such as by registering a customer account, placing an order on the SITE with or without having an ACCOUNT, filling in a contact form or subscribing to the newsletter the company.

To the extent that you have requests or questions related to the storage periods of your personal data within LEMO FUN, please contact the company using the above-mentioned e-mail address or telephone number.

5. The reasons justifying the long-term storage of personal data at the level of LEMO FUN

The company does not aim to adopt a "save everything" approach. We believe that such a rule is not practical or cost-effective and would place an excessive burden on all company personnel and especially on the IT department that would manage an increasing amount of data. However, certain data must be kept long-term, to protect the interests of the company, to save evidence of the processing or deletion of personal data processed according to the law and this Policy, if LEMO FUN considers it necessary, and generally to comply with good business practices.

Some of the most important reasons for the long-term storage of data within LEMO FUN are the following:

Archiving how to handle potential complaints about the quality of our services;
Providing justifications or evidence in case of disputes or even litigation;
Investigation of work accidents;
Investigation into the occurrence of a security incident (breach);
Legal regulations;
Intellectual property safety.

6. Retention periods (storage)

Personal data storage periods are specified in the table below and apply to all record formats, i.e. paper and/or electronic format, unless otherwise specified in this Policy.

MARKETING Campaign forms in physical format 3 months after they are stored electronically
MARKETING Campaign forms in electronic format 3 years from the date of completion of the original
MARKETING Documents certifying winnings or prizes awarded based on contests and raffles 10 years from the date of their conclusion
MARKETING Phone calls for promotional and marketing purposes 30 days
MARKETING Information about entering contests with prizes 5 years from the date of completion of the competition
MARKETING Information about participation in campaigns organized on the company's social media pages (Facebook, Instangram) 2 years from the date of completion of the campaign
CUSTOMER SERVICE E-mail received from the CLIENT for formulating a complaint 3 years from the date of its receipt in physical and electronic format
CUSTOMER SERVICE E-mail received from the CLIENT for sending a request related to the company's commercial activity 3 years from the date of its receipt in physical and electronic format
CUSTOMER SERVICE E-mail received from the CLIENT for requests related to personal data processing activities within the company 3 years from the date of its receipt, both in physical and electronic format
CUSTOMER SERVICE The database where we store information about the company's customers Generally, until the date you request data deletion or until the date we learn that the data has become inactive. In particular, we update this database whenever we have or are made aware of changes to this data and in any case, every year we update the database and remove by deletion the information that is no longer current.
LOGISTICS AWB (Airway Bill) and documents accompanying the shipment of the goods from the warehouse to the customer (delivery order) 5 years
LOGISTICS Goods Accompanying Notice (NIR) 5 years
BUSINESS RELATIONS Contracts concluded by the company with suppliers 10 years from the date of termination of the contract
BUSINESS RELATIONS Partnership contracts concluded by the company for commercial promotional events organized by the company 10 years from the date of termination of the contract
BUSINESS RELATIONS Business cards collected during business meetings 1 year from the date of the last contact
BUSINESS RELATIONS (B2B) Personal data, such as: the name, position and contact details of the representatives of the companies we collaborate with Until the date you request data deletion or until the date we learn that the data has become inactive

For information on the storage terms of some personal data processing activities within the company, which are not specified in this Policy, please send your requests to the e-mail address suport@delicatessen.ro or by accessing the other means of communication made available under art. 1 and considering the conditions stipulated in art. 4.

7. Retention plan

The table containing the recommended retention periods in the company's records (systems or physical archives) of CUSTOMERS' personal data is provided for each relevant field of activity. The retention period applies by default to all records in that category and will be respected wherever possible, although we acknowledge that there may be exceptional circumstances that require records to be retained for either shorter or longer periods. If individual records or documents require a retention period other than that recommended, LEMO FUN should be contacted to discuss specific storage requirements.

8. Destruction/removal/anonymization of data

Destruction/removal/anonymization of data is an essential component within the rules of storage of personal data not used in the future activity of the company. Data destruction/removal/anonymization ensures efficient use of data collected in the course of business, making data management and recovery possible and cost-effective.
The Company specifically instructs employees (or contributors) not to destroy/delete/anonymize data that violates this Policy. Destruction/removal/anonymization of data that an employee (or collaborator) may consider harmful to the company or destruction of data in an attempt to hide a violation of the law or the provisions of this Policy are explicitly prohibited.
When the retention period expires, the company must actively destroy/delete/anonymize the data covered by this Policy. If an employee (or collaborator) who has access to the processed personal data considers that certain data should not be destroyed, removed or anonymized, he/she should contact the direct superior, the Data Protection Officer or, failing this, the company management , so that an exception to the rules established in this Policy can be considered. As this decision has long-term legal implications, exceptions will only be made by a member or members of the company's management team together with the designated Data Protection Officer.

9. Data deletion requests

You can request the deletion of personal data by sending an email to info@shoplumanari.ro in which you must specify the following:

Your contact details for submitting the company's response/point of view;
Your name;
The processing activities through which the data were collected or processed (marketing campaigns, promotions, etc.);
The type of data collected or processed that you want us to delete;
The total number of records to be deleted;

The deadline for responding to the submitted request is, according to the General Data Protection Regulation, a maximum of one month (conventionally we set 30 calendar days) from the date of submission of the request. To the extent that the complexity of your request implies the need to extend the response period for a period that will not exceed 30 working days from the date of submission of the request. In this regard, a representative of the company will inform you of the status of the submitted request.

To the extent that the submitted request will be resolved after its evaluation within LEMO FUN with the deletion of your data, we will send to your attention a document that represents the company's point of view regarding the submitted request and the actions taken, through the agreed means of communication . The document will contain at least the following information:

The purpose(s) based on which the data were processed;
Data that have been deleted/eliminated/destroyed and the processing activity within LEMO FUN to which they belonged;
The number of records removed.

The physical document sent is signed by a representative of LEMO FUN and is stored and scanned in physical format for a period of 3 years from the date of transmission of the notification, after which the original document will be destroyed and recycled. If the point of view will be sent by email, it will be stored on the company's servers for a period of 3 years from the date of its transmission to the CLIENT at the email address provided, then it will be deleted.

If you send LEMO FUN a request for access to the processing activities of your personal data in order to receive information, please note that due to the continuous processing of your personal data and taking into account the routine established in our computer systems for the deletion information processed under the terms of the data retention (storage) Policy, we are committed to keeping your data updated and accurate at all times. Thus, this routine processing may involve changing or deleting the personal information we process, after you have submitted a request to us. In this case, LEMO FUN will provide the information it has at the time of sending the response to you, even if it will be different from the information stored at the time of sending the request. Note that the deletion of your personal data is a procedure that LEMO FUN would have carried out even if you had not sent the request.

10. Continuous development

The retention (storage) periods will be maintained by LEMO FUN which will make changes, additions and updates, whenever the legislation, the guidelines of the National Authority for the Supervision of the Processing of Personal Data or the organizational or structural changes of LEMO FUN, require these changes.

11. Updates

Our personal data retention (storage) policy may be changed from time to time (generally to comply with data protection legislation and practices). The updated versions will be published on our web page, and to the extent that the changes/completions/updates are likely to affect you considerably from a legal point of view, we will notify you promptly, using the means of contact received from you.