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Scented oil for candles Creme Brulee RUM

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Perfume for candles - Creme Brulee RUM

Top notes : Anise, Cinnamon, Almond.
Middle notes : Black rum , Martipan, maple, raspberry.
Base notes : Coconut, Tokna berries, Amra, Caramelized sugar, Musk.

Discover our exclusive aroma, created especially for candles from soy wax , coconut wax or any type of wax , as well as for soaps or aroma diffusers. Our fragrance oil is free of phthalates and parabens, ensuring a clean and safe experience. We recommend using in a concentration of 3% - 10% by volume of wax for best results.

In addition, our perfume can also be used in wax melts, providing a long-lasting aroma.

Solubility: It dissolves completely in alcohol and oils and has limited solubility in water. You can also use it in perfume diffusers when diluted with 10% - 20% alcohol or 15% - 25% in the diffuser base.

This candle fragrance is IFRA certified and documentation is available upon request.

For larger quantities, feel free to contact us here or at info@shoplumanari.ro .