Fitil din lemn 100x10 (WWA) - shoplumanari.ro
Fitil din lemn 100x10 (WWA) - shoplumanari.ro
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Wooden wick 100x10 (WWA)

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The package contains 10 wicks and 5 metal support bases.

Ecological and harmless to humans, it burns stably and without residues, without chemical treatments. It does not contain lead, zinc or other metals. It can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom or cafe, etc. to create a romantic mood.
If it is used in soy wax , it is better to add 2 wooden wicks to the metal base or soak the wicks for 20 minutes in olive oil to improve combustion.

The dimensions of a wick are: 10 x 1 cm with 0.5 mm thickness

For gluing the metal base to the base of the container, you can use the 20mm adhesive sponge