Fitil MST ceara de soia -lumanari parfumate
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Cotton waxed wick MST 30/18

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Superior quality waxed wicks, composed of 100% pure cotton, for candles in containers. This wick works very well with most types of wax; both paraffin and vegetable waxes

The MST wick is a braided wick, made of 100% pure cotton, without nylon, lead, or other metals.

The package contains 20 waxed wicks with a base , for candles in a container.

Wick type / candle diameter reference (mm) for beeswax candles:

Cotton waxed wick M ST 21/10: 50 – 55 mm*
Waxed cotton wick M ST 21/12: 55 – 60 mm*
Waxed cotton wick M ST 24/14: 60 – 70 mm*
Waxed cotton wick M ST 24/16: 70 – 75 mm*
Waxed cotton wick M ST 27/16: 75 – 80 mm*
Waxed cotton wick M ST 27/18: 80 – 85 mm*
Cotton waxed wick MST 30/18: 85 – 90 mm*

* References are based on laboratory tests using soy wax without perfumes and dyes. If you use dyes and/or perfumes, please do tests first, the combustion may be affected and the table above may not correspond.

* We are the only importers of MST wick and can supply large quantities! For more information you can find us at info@shoplumanari.ro