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TCR 27/18 wick - 10m

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Ecological wicks of the best quality, ideal for scented candles made of vegetable wax . This wick is a perfect choice for those who want to create natural candles. It can be used with perfumes and dyes.

No metal core, no lead, no nylon. The package contains 10m of the selected size.

Reference list between wick type and container diameter (mm):
TCR 24/14 up to 65 mm *
TCR 24/16 up to 70 mm *
TCR 27/18 up to 78 mm *
TCR 30/18 up to 85 mm *
TCR 33/18 up to 90 mm *
TCR 33/20 up to 95 mm *
TCR 36/22 up to 110 mm *
TCR 39/24 up to 120 mm *

* References are based on laboratory tests using soy wax without perfumes and dyes. If you use dyes and/or perfumes, please do tests first, the combustion may be affected and the table above may not correspond.