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Coconut wax CW33

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Melting point 33-35 °C .

Attention : For scented candles, coconut wax CW33 is used in a mixture with soy wax in a proportion of 20%-30%. It can also be used plain with mixtures of essential oils. It is not used in silicone molds or other types of molds.

Heat to 75-80 °C . Pour very slowly and allow to cool gradually. Pouring temperature will depend on container size and room temperature, usually somewhere between 60 and 60 °C and 80 °C .

Other properties:
- Impurities: < 0.1%
- Saponification point: 250 - 265 mg KOH/g.

The benefits of this type of wax CW33:
- Non-toxic coconut wax, without additives or chemicals
- Clean combustion
- Natural and renewable source

This wax is vegan, does not contain by-products of animal origin, it is obtained through sustainable methods

Available weights: 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg
Appearance: Block
White color