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Pure beeswax - white

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Produced in UE Flag


Appearance: Tablets
Melting point: 61 °C - 66 °C
Saponification: 75-110 mg/g
Acids: 16-23 mg/g
Impurities: 2% max.
Color: White

A high-quality product, from yellow to white, with strong environmental credentials. On request, we provide the SDS certificate. The product has a batch number, manufacturing date and veterinary approval provided by the manufacturer.


- 100% PURE white beeswax.
- Premium quality pills, grade A cosmetic quality, without chemicals
- Beeswax pills are very easy to use and very easy to melt
- Perfect for making candles, DIY lip balms, creams, lotions, deodorants, handmade soaps, sunscreens, hair products, pencils and more!
- Improves skin hydration and maintains it

- Material: Natural white beeswax
- Pill diameter: Approx. 5 mM

ATTENTION: It is the customer's responsibility to test compatibility before proceeding with production. We are not responsible for production issues beyond our control. We recommend that you perform your own tests, as results may vary depending on individual recipes, fragrances and colors.