Ceară naturală pentru lumânări parfumate în recipient
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Soy wax for containers YCC 231 (container)

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YCC 231 wax for containers
This wax is a blend of premium quality natural waxes and is specially developed for the production of scented candles in the container. It is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. No animal products were used and no animal testing was performed in its manufacture.

Work space and conditions
Conditions are important for a consistent result, so we recommend room control
temperature and humidity. The room temperature should be 22-26 ° C. The relative humidity should be
kept at a low level of 20-40%. Airflow should be minimal, with no direct exposure of the candle surface.

Melting and casting
YCC 231 natural wax is specially designed for creating candles in containers. It is not a moldable wax. Pouring temperature should be between 52°C-55°C.

Avoid heating above 85°C. These temperatures can lead to discoloration of the wax, poor adhesion and irregular surface. Make sure to stir all the time and stir the wax even as it melts. After melting, let the wax cool to ~60°C-68°C, add the perfume and mix well until the wax reaches between 52 °C~55 °C.

Pouring temperatures can vary depending on the type and size of the container, the perfume and dye used and the effects the candle maker wants to achieve. It is recommended to preheat the container up to ~45 °C. The perfume must be added and mixed immediately before pouring, around 60°C. If you encounter difficulties with the pouring temperature, try a lower or higher temperature in steps of 5 - 10 °C.

Considering the sector for which YCC231 wax will be used, it is recommended to use waxed cotton wicks. (This type of wax also works with non-waxed types of wicks) Following our tests, both TCR and SLT wicks were compatible with the wax.
If you notice a weak or unstable flame, try a different type of wick. The test firing must be done 48 hours after pouring into the container

The containers must be clean and without contaminating substances. They should be at least at room temperature, although preheating them to 45°C can bring some amazing results. Warm ambient temperature (20°C), heated container and prevention of rapid temperature changes during cooling will reduce the probability of polymorphism / freezing.

You can use liquid candle dyes or solid candle dyes specially created for soy wax.Bekro dyes are perfect for this type of wax. Test carefully to get the right color concentration for you. Natural waxes require larger amounts of dye compared to paraffin wax. Blend the color for at least 30 seconds

Candle wax in the container YCC 231 can hold up to 8% perfumes ; both organic perfumed oils and essential oils. Keep in mind that being a 100% vegetable product, the combustion can be influenced by any product added to the mixture (no. perfume, dye). Some perfumes can react negatively with the wax causing unwanted effects such as: defective surface, discoloration, reduced burning.

The benefits of candle wax in the YCC 231 container:
- Non-toxic wax, without chemical additives
- Natural and renewable source

- It has not been tested on animals
- Smooth surface, without cracks;
- Clean and long burning;
- Optimal burning of the candle.

Available weights: 1Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg, 20Kg
Appearance: Block
Color White

Technical properties:

Melting point 45-52°C
Color 0.5-0.8
Hardness /25°C/ 45-60 dmm