Ceara de Soia Golden Wax by AAK Y50 (matrițe)
Ceara de Soia Golden Wax by AAK Y50 (matrițe)
Ceara de Soia Golden Wax by AAK Y50 (matrițe)
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Soy wax for melts by AAK Y50 (melts)

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AAK soy wax GW494 TFW-CS41

Golden Wax by AAK Y50 (melts) - Europe

It is a blend made of soybeans carefully mixed with a unique plant-based emulsifier. Blend specially created for pouring wax melts and for containers. Due to the hardened formula, this wax does not break when it is extracted from the silicone mold.

Melting and casting

The pouring temperature should be around 60 °C - 70 °C, and the melting temperature is 47 °C - 54 °C

Avoid heating above 85°C. These temperatures can lead to discoloration of the wax, poor adhesion and irregular surface. Make sure to stir all the time and stir the wax even as it melts. After melting, let the wax cool to ~60°C-65°C (over 65 °The perfumed gel may evaporate) , add the perfume and mix well.

Casting temperatures can vary depending on the type and size of the mold, the perfume and paint used and the effects the candle maker wants to achieve. If you encounter difficulties with the pouring temperature, try a lower or higher temperature in steps of 5 - 10 °C.


Waxed wicks tend to work best with wax, but clean wicks can also be used successfully. Following our tests, TCR wicks were specially chosen for this wax. As well as the wooden wicks, doubled for a more optimized combustion.


The containers or molds must be clean and free of contaminating or dusty substances. They should be at room temperature. Warm ambient temperature (20°C) and prevention of rapid temperature changes during cooling will reduce the likelihood of polymorphism / freezing.


You can use liquid or solid dyes specially created for soy wax.


Golden Wax by AAK Y50 absorbs oils perfumed between 5% and 12% of the melted volume; both pure organic oils and essential oils.

The benefits of Golden Wax by AAK Y50 soy wax:
- Non-toxic wax, without chemical additives
- Clean burning, no smoke, no smell
- Natural and renewable source

Golden Wax by AAK Y50 is suitable for:
– tart type candles
– wax melts
- candles cast in the mold

Available weights: 1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, 20 kg
Appearance: Block
White color